Rev. Reinhard Bonnke is best known for his work as an evangelist in Africa. He traveled throughout the continent for six decades and shared the word of God to people in even the most remote and dangerous places. His efforts earned him the nickname “God’s General.”

According to CBN, the German-born evangelist joined our creator at the age of 79 last Saturday. He was surrounded by his family in Orlando, Florida.

Rev. Bonnke often called his evangelical mission “crusades.” The term is a nod to the early days of Christianity when Popes sent out armed crusaders to conquer territories and spread the faith. In the modern age, even though Christianity no longer uses violence to spread the gospel, it is no secret that missionaries and devotees are frequently under the threat of persecution. In some way, the faithful can still be seen as soldiers of God.

CBN has an extensive database of interviews with Rev. Bonnke throughout his life as an evangelist. In an interview back in 2010, he spoke about his focus on Africa.

“Because it is my calling, it is very specific and personal,” Bonnke said. “God spoke to me as a kid that I would preach the gospel in Africa.”

The Reverend was only 24 years old and had a new wife and young child when he decided to move to Africa. He uprooted his young family and relocated to the small and relatively unknown country of Lesotho. He and his wife began their missionary work there.

They started to hold “crusade meetings” and the number of their followers started to grow. It took a lot of effort and many years but Bonnke was not satisfied. After seven years in Lesotho, he decided that it was time to save more souls.

He established “Christ For All Nations” and started to travel across the continent to reach more people. His open-air crusades expanded to unimaginable numbers. By the 2000s, he was holding events that attracted up to six million people.

Needless to say, his efforts gave the Christian faith its roots in Africa. Throughout his 60-year career, Reverend Bonnke has brought close to 80 million people into the Kingdom of God and he will be remembered and honored for his legacy.

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Reinhard Bonnke was truly one of God’s generals who over the course of his ministry. led more than 79-million people to receive Christ as their Lord.