Oldest Person with Down Syndrome on Earth Celebrates His 77th Orbit

care home Sep 10, 2019

When Kenny Cridge was born 77 years ago, people don’t know a lot about Down syndrome yet. Kenny didn’t receive a lot of attention when he was born because people don’t know how to deal with his issues and medical condition.

People who know Kenny admire his existence because he is a fighter. In 1939, he was born with Dorothy, his twin sister. The doctors primarily thought he’s stillborn, so they attended to Dorothy first. When Kenny cried out, that’s the time when the medical staff knew he was alive and deserved attention too.

The doctors said Kenny would only live for 12 years and everyone is amazed as Kenny got older and eventually became older than his life expectancy.

Those around Kenny are hurting because of his struggles. But they’re inspired as well for Kenny fights for his life, and he knows how to become happy. Of course, he has a lot of ways at how to cheer up other people.

Kenny outlived his sister, and in 2008, The Guinness Book of World Records listed Kenny as the oldest living person on record who has Down Syndrome.

Kenny is now 77 years old, and he resides in a care home in Somerset, England, where he gets the support to live a healthy and happy life. All of his caregivers are qualified, and they care a lot for their patient. On his recent birthday celebration, the family members of Kenny, along with his caregivers, celebrate Kenny’s birthday with gifts and balloons.

Kenny loves to do a lot of things such as joking with his pals and playing the harmonica. The care home manager, Ann Nicholson, said that Kenny is endearing with the staff. Ann expressed, “Kenny can brighten anyone’s day with his smile and his laughter.”

Happiest of orbit, Kenny!


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