Lauryn Gibson is living an extraordinary life. She found to have a congestive heart problem when she was only six weeks old, and she underwent a heart transplant three days before her first birthday.

Heather Gibson, Lauryn’s mother, is a woman of faith. Despite her daughter’s condition, she was determined to fight against the odds from the beginning.

Heather said, ‘I’m not going home without her,” adding, “My God is bigger.”

Lauryn is strong too. Her doctor said, “She was defying the odds.”

After the heart transplant, Lauryn had to take autoimmune drugs to prevent her body’s natural tendency to reject her new heart. She may have to take these drugs for the rest of her life. While she is growing up, she always takes caution on her diet and activities.

This Fall, 18-year-old Lauryn is going to college at Cedarville University in southwest Ohio. In order to prevent potential exposures to infections, she is living off-campus and just commuting to school daily.

Lauryn stated to CBN News that God has never forsaken her and her family.

“When I was in the hospital, my mom put me on prayer lists worldwide and even in the Middle East. Everybody is constantly praying for me, constantly praying to God to help me through daily life and to help guide me to my future,” she said.

Now, she wants to become a pharmacist and will graduate in 2023. She wants to become a veterinarian before, but she realized the need to help other people, especially children who have heart problems.

Lauryn said, “Then I began thinking that I wanted to help people like me that have to take medication twice a day for the rest of my life.” She further explained, “I just wanted to be in a field that can ease the complications of taking medication every day for my patients, particularly pediatric patients. Because I understand how hard it is to take the medications.”

Lauryn Gibson inspires a lot of people because of her inner strength and faith in God. She is an inspiration to the people around her that we should keep on fighting and be a living example to other people.