Heavenly Voice! ‘Hallelujah’ By Russia Kids Shocked All The Judges


‘Hallelujah'(Russian).The Voice Kids Russia 2016.Artem/Julia/Marsel/Xenia.

Uploaded by Beautiful Voice TV on 2016-04-20.

I cannot believe my ears, how beautiful. I have always deeply loved this song, and I have heard many people sing it, but not like these young people. Leonard Cohen would have been so proud of them. Their voices are beautiful and the harmonies are so awesome. I hope their gifted talent doesn’t go unnoticed.


  1. God is available to all Nations. If they follow him. Russia was a totalitarian state where the government was God. It suppressed religious beliefs. Perhaps they see the error of their ways. This was 2016 so some change is occurring. They still persecute people there though and frankly……the Demonkkkrat party here was and is trying to become more like the old Soviet system. They like the Russians old government are failing. God is much stronger than the devil and if the people cry out for his help…….he will be there for them.

    • I always say that, If the church will just change their ritual services. And pray cry out -with everything in all sincerity. When Time is needed for the congregation to come together and pray. So much is going on around us. And many of us, are are aware. But, will not pray, in these critical times. I know, you were speaking of Russia coming together to pray. We all need to.