Here's How FaceTime Made a Soldier's Wish Come True

Soldier Sep 17, 2018

Brooks Lindsey is just like any good soldier – he left his family to train in El Paso and serve his country. However, when he heard the news that his daughter will be born earlier than expected, he immediately left the training grounds and boarded a flight to Mississippi just to support his wife.

Unfortunately, things did not go his way as his flights were delayed a few times due to maintenance problems. By the time he reached Dallas, his wife Haley was already on her way to delivering their baby. Good thing his mother found a solution when she brought her smartphone with her to the operating room.

Using FaceTime, Brooks was able to witness everything that transpired before his wife delivered their daughter, Millie. Aircraft personnel was about to force him to board the plane bound for Brandon, MS, but thanks to Haley’s doctor who told them to wait a little, he was able to give the support she needed.

“Push, push, push, push, push! You got it,” Lindsey said while watching his daughter being born. “Here she comes then boop! She popped out.”

Everyone on the section headed to Mississippi cheered with Brooks as they boarded the plane. He may have arrived late, but he still managed to watch the entire thing live.

This emotional experience is just a glimpse of the sacrifices that American soldiers face each day just to keep the country safe. Most people fail to realize the occasions they have to miss just so they can fulfil their duties to the U.S. flag. Truly, people like Brooks Lindsey deserve to be called modern day heroes.


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