Bullying is one of the biggest problems that is plaguing school systems around the world. Take this skit posted by YouTube channel Ok Inc. In it, students from Warrensville Heights High School are seen in a typical bullying scenario.

A teenage girl named Jordyn just moved from Florida. On her first day in her new school, the teacher assigns her to become the lab partner of a boy named Carl. She also meets two girls named Bianca and Jasmine.

At lunch, Jordyn sits with Carl in the cafeteria and quickly notices that the other kids are laughing at him. After school, she investigates online. On Facebook, she sees the other kids teasing Carl. The next day, Jordyn decides to hang out with Bianca instead of Carl. She even lets Bianca copy from her during class. When Carl protests, she tells him to “stop being a nerd.”

At lunch, Bianca makes fun of Carl’s lunch and pours milk all over him. Jasmine and some other kids take pictures and laugh at Carl. Jordyn realizes that she made a mistake befriending Bianca and Jasmine. In class, she takes Carl’s side when Bianca tries to bully him again. She stands up for Carl and tells the teacher about Bianca and Jasmine’s behavior. In the end, the experience forges a friendship between Jordyn and Carl.

The video ends with a message against bullying and encourages friendship and support. “If you see a friend getting bullied, tell your friend that he/she doesn’t deserve to be mistreated. Remind him/her that bullying is not okay. If you have participated in the bullying or ignored it- apologize.”

This message is something that must be taken to heart not just by young kids and teenagers. Bullying takes place even in universities and in the workplace. Even adults can be victimized by workplace bullies. Regardless of the setting, we must all be aware of the way that the people around us are being treated. If we are the ones being victimized, we must not be afraid to seek the support of those whom we can trust. If we see others falling victim, we must not turn a blind eye. Facing bullies and supporting those in need can make a big difference in their lives.