This is the testimony and the life experience of Virendra Thapa from India. Virendra, is a 20 years old boy who lives in Pune city. He was born with Perthes disease. ”Perthes disease is a rare childhood condition that affects the hip”. 

It was very difficult for his parents to afford the treatment. Virendra’s father says ‘I was ready and was doing everything possible to help my child stand on his feet. I wanted him to dance, play with other kids, go to school and do everything which any ordinary kid does’.

Virendra was on bed from the age of 7 till the age of 13. His parents found about his Perthes disease when one day Virendra started crying when he was 7. Doctors said he won’t be able walk properly and he should avoid any kind of activity which can damage his bones like playing, running or dancing. He can walk after the hip bone is replaced and it can be done only when is becomes 18 years old so all other bones are grown properly.

When nothing was working his parents got to know about Jesus christ. After one pray their life was changed. Within a week Virendra Thapa was healed. Doctors were shocked, people were surprised and happy about him.

Today he want youths to know about the love of Christ and about the miracle Christ can do in their life. He is a good Dancer, loves cycling and now he has come up with is first Gospel album.

‘Christ is my hero, his my first love and my strength. I write rap songs so I can express my love for Christ. For me Hard work+blessings of Christ=successful and blessed life’

-Virendra Thapa.