Hi ,my name is Joana .I live in Africa was brought up in a Christian family, but I didn’t really like going to church I preferred going to parties and hanging out with friends.But when I became bigger I later realized Being in church was better so I got baptized and I started to work in ministry Choir , Awana which is a youth program for young people we preach the gospel and we teach children the things they need to know about God we also do volunteer work and awards . I went to high school I had my Bible with me always try to do the right thing so I was rejected mocked isolated .After high school ,had problem with MATHS so I couldn’t move on apart from that I suffered many things people hurt me badly even men so I was depressed and felt so alone.Anyway since I couldn’t make it to University my sister suggested to me to go to a French school I did ,it was the best thing so I study professional French now.Alot of bad things happened to me betrayal , afflictions, I did have some addiction which I never had before but I didn’t really pray that much until last year which I would say is my worst year around December my big sister was so sick she had auto immune disorder almost to the point of death I was praying when I say I didn’t pray much I mean that because I thought my prayers were not being answered so I wasn’t constant back to the matter we all wanted her to survive a very good soul with a heart like Jesus she died I couldn’t stand it felt like thousand knives pierced in my body. I got into major depression had so many disorders from her death I would cry but I had to go to school I was still preaching at church despite my loss it was the word that kept me going . I would cry and weep but I had to be stronger for others. I got so sick after her death December was void without her I was studying Romans Hebrews and other books of the Bible on my own this drew me closer to God . During months before my exams I got so sick I couldn’t walk nobody really cared Christian girl I was alone nobody really understood I would talk to God was hard every day in pain as a Christian but then at a point I asked God if I was going to die ,he took me to John story about the blind man this sickness is not unto death but that the Son of Man may be glorified through me . I went to doctor I was diagnosed with a critical condition which explains all the pain I had to suffer throughout my childhood it wasn’t under my control I kept praying and reading the word and talking to God I read the book of the prophets several sleepiness nights I was praying .God is I have only overcome sin by God’s grace I was redeemed he opened my eyes to things I didn’t see before I was a Christian but now I so close to God because of trials and temptations I went through Im not perfect everyday God guides me and protects me it’s only his grace and mercy that brought me this far bad company corrupts good manners thank God I out of that God delivers the righteous even when we go wrong now it’s only me and my Bible nothing in between not even a man thank you Jesus for Saving me and redeeming me I remember he told me Joana I have a purpose for you that’s why u had to go through all this but thank God im now always in his word and prayer those are my weapons to God be the glory great things he has done . he said if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us I’m not perfect but I have just matured in my faith and I’m pressing on toward the prize ahead don’t give up no matter what uve done God still loves u just turn ur life back to him and if ur don’t know him u can say Father I know I’m a sinner I believe u died for my sins forgive me and save me trust me he will hear you God is great thanks everyone I hope ur blessed by my testimony Jesus is the sweetest friend you can ever have and I’m not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of those who believe