When Davante Hill, pastor of One Church in Memphis, Tennessee, went to his church on Sept. 29, he saw something that no pastor would want to see on a Sunday morning.

Pastor Hill found that some vandals had entered the church and vandalized the sanctuary causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Most of the chairs were broken, walls had paint patches, musical instruments broken and the pews were damaged. Additionally, the vandals also stole money and some speakers from the church.


“Imagine going into your church to preach and seeing this YALL PLEASE KEEP PASTOR Devante Hill UP IN YOUR PRAYERS,” posted Ricky Floyd, one of the followers of pastor Hill on Facebook.


To an interview with WMC-TV, pastor Hill said, “When I walked in… what broke me, was not the condition of the sanctuary,” he explained. “What broke me was the condition of someone’s heart to be willing to do such a thing.”

“I would love for whoever is responsible to consider my heart when I say, I love you and God still loves you. And that this is not the end, there is life after this,” said Devante. “And that whatever it is that has you broken, whatever it is that has you destroyed on the inside, there is help for you,” he added.

“It was one of the most hurtful experiences that I have ever, ever, ever had,” said pastor Devante in a Facebook live post to his congregants. Pastor Hill had posted a Facebook live video on Sunday, Sept. 29, with tears, expressing his hurt, pain and his forgiveness to the vandals as well.


His congregation and people all around the United States are touched by pastor Devante’s forgiveness despite his hurtful feeling.

Many church members and volunteers came forward to support pastor Devante in rebuilding the church and bring it back to normalcy.

“I’m not going to allow the enemy to move me out of my house. It’s just not gonna work that way. I just don’t believe in giving the enemy victory,” said pastor Devante in one of the Facebook live videos.

Remember Memphis One Church and pastor Devante Hill in prayers.