Emily Thomes had the story of a typical lesbian. At age 15, she started dating a girl who lived down the street from their home. When her parents noticed her actions, Emily simply said that she wanted to be with the girl, and that was how it would be.

Thomes then dated several other girls over the years, firmly believing a simplified version of the Gospel where God accepts anyone because He is love. He loves everyone. Whatever you’re doing, God is “cool with it.” Everything fell apart for Emily shortly after, being involved in alcohol and drug use. She also left their home just to be with the girl she loved at that time.

However, in 2014, Emily attended a Bible study at the age of 22, and her whole perception of God, the Gospel, and homosexuality dramatically changed.

After searching the holy scriptures regarding its stance about homosexuality, Emily began to understand. “That day it’s like my eyes were really opened. I was amazed at the grace He’d shown me,” says Emily.

Slowly, God enabled her to understand that man has a sinful nature, and nothing that comes from himself is holy and godly. “You feeling a desire to sin just proves you need grace like me,” she said. That was why Jesus Christ died on the cross, to redeem mankind from sin. As long as they are willing to repent and confess their faith in God, He is willing to save them.

Emily left homosexuality and embraced the path God ordained for her. He met Benjamin Thomes who gave her the love meant for her. It was a happy ending for her, but not because she was good, nor because she planned all of this, but because God is good, and His grace is sufficient for anyone who believes.

The story of Emily Thomes is a living proof that those people in the LGBTQ community are in dire need to hear the gospel of salvation. They have the misconception that God accepts them whoever they are and that they’re doing nothing wrong. It is our task to share with them the true gospel before all hope is lost.