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Who would think that the beautiful, idyllic, perfect start of Jay and Katherine Wolf as a young, lovely couple blessed with an angel-looking son James would suddenly be put to a great halt? She just collapsed one day, wheeled out on a stretcher, and the family never returned to their first home where they built their dreams.

Katherine Wolf was a commercial model in Los Angeles. Her pretty face says so. But she didn’t know she had arteriovenous malformation or AVM. It’s a rare brain condition she had no idea she was born with, that grew in time and just ruptured. She was 26 when it happened and nearly died.

A Christian, Katherine said she never believes in happenstance. It was all planned out by God that Jay’s procrastination let him stay in the house when she collapsed and James was asleep. It would be a grim thought, she said, if it happened while she was on the road driving with James in the car.

Life was wonderful before the brain stem stroke, she said, but then, “God saved my life,” Katherine said.

Katherine and Jay had no choice but to face the consequences. For Katherine, losing her motherhood was the hardest issue she could take. Before that stroke happened, she was just a happy mother enjoying moments with her baby. After that incident, she wasn’t able to engage with her son. “I wasn’t able to be much of a mother at all.”

But after many surgeries and her firm hold on hope, “I am able to take care of him again. The greatest joy in all of these is, I can be his mommy again.”

It’s been five years. Looking at the challenges that continues to dawn on them, Katherine considers themselves blessed “to suffer greatly at a young age because it has formed the way we live the rest of our lives.”

Jay acknowledges their future is uncertain. “We don’t know what tomorrow would hold. We don’t know if we’re living the last day of our life.” This statement rings true to all of us, come to think of it.

If there’s one profound statement to pick up in their story, it is this: They found hope in their identity. “I may be broken on the outside but my identity is known on the inside,” was like their slogan that will make us ponder of our foundation as individuals. One saving grace, apart from God’s, is the kind of character that we have. A character built on God’s teachings will see us through no matter what tomorrow brings to us.