Trials happen to everyone because there is a solution to all of our problems. And the best solution for all our tribulations is running towards God. If we take a step towards God, he’ll happily take a thousand steps towards us.

Jeremy Camp is a Christian recording artist. He has been into a lot of problems, and God has been there for him all the time. Those troubles and enlightenment are the topics of his songs, and the listeners can feel what he felt because they are genuine.

The singer has recently released his 11th studio album, “The Story’s Not Over,” and he has spoken to Faithwire about it. The singer said it’s about humbly reaching God whenever trials and disbelief came. Jeremy said we should read scripture whenever we are in trouble.

Jeremy said, “Throughout the Bible, we get to see who Jesus is. He says, ‘I’m the provider; I’m your comfort; I’m your shepherd; I’m your shield; I’m your refuge; I’m living water; I’m the way, the truth, and the life.’ All this stuff is a byproduct of who Jesus is. He is the only hope and the only truth, and he is everything you need. So what do you need? Well, look throughout the Bible, and you’ll see the names of Jesus. That’s who he is.”

Jeremy and his spouse Adrienne had a tough time about a year and a half ago, and the singer went bedridden after a panic attack. That time, he’s also working with the directors of “I Still Believe,” a movie about his life. It chronicles the death of his first wife, Melissa, who died from cancer six months after they got wed.

The singer expressed his sentiments on his new record, “I was just sincere on this record. The songs Father, Out of My Hands, Only You Can, and Wilderness were songs birthed out of that situation. And there’s a part in the song Father that said, ‘I’m right on the verge of a breakdown,’ just being very open and honest. I think people need to realize they’re not alone, and that there’s hope, and it’s running to Jesus.”

Jeremy is a survivor. He showed tremendous heart and faith, especially when his first wife passed away. God made him realized that there’s more to life than death. God calmed and comforted Jeremy like He always does.

Jeremy knows he should run towards Jesus, and not away from him when in trouble. He said, “You know what, we all go through hard times and I can’t imagine not having Jesus in my life. He’s my only hope.”