Jeremy Lin was once on the top of the basketball world. He took the NBA by storm in 2012 when he led the New York Knicks to victories for two weeks straight. Jeremy Lin became a household name and started an NBA hype in China. The term “Lin-sanity” was coined to describe that phenomenon.

Time travel to the present day; Lin has suffered a lot of setbacks, including a grave knee injury that almost disabled him to play. Lin is experiencing the dilemma of a free agent even when the Asian basketball superstar just won a historic championship with the Toronto Warriors in the 2019 NBA season. It seems that no team wants to sign him at the moment.

Lin is 30 years old now and might have a hard time to get a contract. When he recently attended an evangelistic event organized by a Taiwan-based Chinese Christian television Good TV, he poured out his heart and gave a tearful but encouraging testimonial to the audience.

Lin said, “Man, it’s hard, and life’s hard.” While crying, he mentioned, “I’ve given more of myself to God every single year, and every year it gets harder.”

Lin has broken down on the national television, saying that it seems like he’s not an NBA champion, but the audience applauded and shouted “you’re the best” and “we love you.”

The free-agent basketball star feels like the NBA doesn’t want him anymore. He also said: “My fear for my career has always been not to be the player that I knew that I could be, and now I’m face to face with that, and I’m at a place where I have no choice but to be completely dependent on God.”

Lin concluded his testimonial saying, “When you look at me, the only thing I want you to think about is the God that he serves must be worth it because He is.”

Jeremy Lin has a lot of fans worldwide even though his career is quite short and he is not legendary yet. Lin’s supporters are hoping that the basketball star can find another NBA team and make a great comeback.