Jesus the Messiah was born in a place where Sheeps give the birth to lambs for votive-offering Purpose.

As the shepherds performing priestly duties for watch the night and Three magicians (Zoroastrian priests) ,when an Angel appeared and announced Go to Bethlehem and look for the Sign , Those shepherds became the first witnesses to the fulfillment of a prophecy given 700 years before when Isaiah proclaimed     Isaiah 7:14  Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and the child would be wrapped in a swaddling cloth.these clothes are without any spot and blotch, these clothes often used for Lambs that were perfect and without blemishes.

Shepherds and ( Zoroastrian priests) found in the same Perfect Lamb of God wrapped in swaddling clothes… When the Shepherd found the Perfect Lamb, they would Yell in excitement– Perfect is found… Look what this Lamb of God said from the Cross- John writes in his gospel, The word that most likely came out of Jesus’ mouth was “Tamim”, תמים  which in Hebrew means ” blameless,” “perfect,” … In that sense, we are called to imitate God’s perfect love Perfectly perfect, completely complete Lamb is sacrificed!!!.The sacrificial lamb of Passover needed to be Tamim – without imperfections, completely whole.