Jesus Christ & Heaven - Must See

heaven Nov 17, 2017

The future inheritance for those in Christ is much closer than many would think. The era of tranquility and peace that will be bestowed upon each child who calls upon His Name is also unimaginable in that we will be perfected & changed. Our capacity to think, imagine, see, hear and touch will also be enhanced. Most importantly; our capacity to love and receive love will be increased; making the things to come in the next life to be a truly extraordinary experience.

Of course; the decisions we make in this lifetime are truly reflective of what we will receive in the next. It doesn’t take a righteous person to get to Heaven, but one who genuinely and continually repents and desires a relationship with the Father through Christ and the Holy Spirit. For we are not saved by works, but the grace of God; otherwise we shall boast (Ephesians 2:9.) The decision to follow Christ is far from an easy one. God doesn’t promise a smooth flight, but He does guarantee a smooth landing. The question we have to ask internally is: do I want that smooth landing, and the Lord to guide and direct me along the harsh roads of this life? If we do; then Christ and His free gift of salvation are the answer.


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