Jesus Shows Up In Dreams To Stop Honor Killing of Girls Raped By ISIS

Jesus Shows Up In Dreams To Stop Honor Killing of Girls Raped By ISIS

Missionary organization Novo recently shared the story of a Yazidi man who claims that Jesus himself told him not to perform honor killings on his three daughters. Sadly, his daughters were taken and enslaved by ISIS in 2014, when they invaded the Yazidi and Christian villages of northern Iraq.

In the Middle East, honor killing is still prevalent. A woman who has been raped is seen as someone who has brought shame to the family. As such, her own family members such as her father or brothers feel that they have a duty to kill her and cleanse the family from shame.

According to Brother George, a church planter who works with Novo, “(They think) rape is a shame and they have to wash the shame to restore honor, so they kill her.

Thousands of women who were taken as sex slaves by ISIS have had mixed fortunes. Some are still missing but many have escaped thanks to the constant efforts to destroy the terrorist organization. Sadly, these women were not able to return home because they would be killed. They ended up in refugee camps and had to live in atrocious conditions.

The father, whose three daughters escaped the ISIS, claims that Jesus visited him in his dreams and told him not to take his daughters back and not to kill them. He said that he knew it was Jesus after seeing his nail-pierced hands.

“You don’t need to kill your daughters or anyone. I paid for everyone, so go get your daughters,” said Jesus, according to the Yazidi man.

He narrated further that he woke up and went back to sleep three times. Each time, he had the same dream. He believed that each visit from Jesus was for each of his daughters.

“I’m going to get my girls and nobody is going to touch them,” he declared, after telling the Yazidi elders that Jesus visited his tent.

He went ahead and took his daughters back from the camp and brought them home safely. He also persuaded other families to do the same. Because of his efforts, other families followed suit. 280 women and young girls were taken back by their families.

Novo provides counseling for women who experienced trauma under the hands of ISIS. If it wasn’t for one man and his nocturnal visits from Christ, none of them would have had a chance to get their lives back.

(In Photo: Hand sewing course for Yazidi women liberated from the ISIS)

Feature Photo of Yazidi Refugee Camp by: DFID – UK Department for International Development (picture: Rachel Unkovic/International Rescue Committee) [CC BY 2.0 (]