Act Of Kindness: Jewelry Store Worker Left A Woman Stunned After She Tried Pawning A Gold Necklace Given To Her By Her Mother!

There is more to celebrate besides the act of kindness extended by the jewel store employee to the Dallas woman who wanted to sell the heirloom gold necklace given by her mother to solve a very tight financial situation.

The CCTV showed the woman surprised, after receiving the money handed by the jewel store employee. She hugged him then walked out of the store with her two kids.

What rendered the video clip the extra ordinary appeal was the giver – who he was and why he gave her money. Surely, it would be a normal thing if the benevolence came from the likes of a billionaire or a charitable institution. But the man, based on the interview of CBS, was a Syrian refugee, who at that time, was happy to be alive after escaping his chaotic country due to civil war. And, he wasn’t the one who disseminated the clip to social media. It was his friend back in Syria who exposed his deed to the world.

The man who was called Noah did not want to be identified. He said his action was his payback to humanity for the same generosity he and his family received from the country who gave them refuge when they needed it.

And he mentioned religion. He said, “It doesn’t matter what religion you have, or where you are from. It’s about humanity. Everybody should do that.”

Nothing in the video mentioned of his religious beliefs. He may be a Sunni Muslim. But his act brings to mind Matthew 6:1-4. It was his friend in his faraway country that made it viral in Facebook. Hence, what he did in secret has now been shared countless times for the world to know.

One lesson to pick from this story: ‘Noah’s kindness gave us a different impression of Syria. There is hope for humanity, still.