The View interviewed Kim Kardashian West last Thursday. The reality star talked about the religious beliefs of her husband, and she revealed exciting news for the fans of the music superstar. Kim said, Kanye is hosting pop-up churches with Sunday Service, his music ministry. They’re doing it across the county.

Kim West had spoken to Sunny Hostin who inquired about the activities of Sunday Service. Kim said, “Kanye started this to heal himself, and it was a personal thing, and it was just friends and family. He has had an amazing evolution of being born again and being saved by Christ.”

She said people always ask her about religion and spirituality, and her usual response is his husband is doing a service for Christians in the form of music. It’s excellent because Kanye is using his musical gifts to bring Jesus closer to people, and he can do so because people admire and trust him.

Kim also stated, “When he goes to another church, which he has, they’ve shown up and done these surprise little pop-up Sunday Services in other churches. Sometimes, at the [meeting] in Calabasas, he’ll have friends that are pastors that are in town get up and speak. But for the most part, it’s just a musical ministry”.

Kanye can’t make his Sunday Service an official church yet because of his nonprofit status. However, what’s important is he’s doing it to please God. He’s pleasing because the Lord recognizes all our effort to become closer to him.

Kanye had a lot of ups and downs in his life, and his struggles made him desire to become a Christian in every single day. It seems that the next album of Kanye will reflect on his Christian way of living and philosophy.

Kim is posting Insta stories and video clips of the Sunday Service. She is giving information about his husband’s upcoming album. The title of the next album by Kanye is Jesus Is King, and the release date is September 27.

There are lots of references to the Bible and Jesus in the album’s tracklist, with titles such as Water, Selah, Garden, Sweet Jesus, and Baptized. The musician premiered the song “Water” with his Sunday Service Choir last Easter weekend during the Coachella Sunday Service session.

The Christian community is excited to hear this new album from Kanye.