In the wake of the release of Kanye West’s gospel album titled “Jesus is King,” there was a massive spike of interest in Christian beliefs and in Jesus himself. Prominent Christian blog writer Christen Limbaugh Bloom believes that God is using the rapper to stir faith-centered conversations among both Christians and skeptics alike.

“I’m convinced God is using him to inspire both believers and non-believers alike,” said Bloom, in an opinion piece published by Fox News.

Bloom singled out a statement that Kanye made during a guesting on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” where he refused to call himself a “Christian Music Artist.” Instead, Kanye pointed out that he is simply “Christian everything.”

The author stressed how every Christian must be inspired to have the same approach to our daily lives. She thinks that we must live as Christians at all times instead of compartmentalizing our Christian acts as merely an “aspect” of our lives. Bloom believes that “Jesus is King” could inspire believers to live as “Christian everything” as well.

Bloom acknowledges that Kanye is an unusual instrument of God. In fact, she thinks that he is one of “the most unlikely people to work for Him.” However, Bloom says that “if God can transform the heart of someone you NEVER thought possible, does that not inspire non-believers to ask questions about who He is and what about Him inspired such change?”

Bloom says that the sudden surge in interest in Jesus and the Christian faith, even though it was brought about from an unusual source such as a rap album, is a good thing. “We need MORE conversation about who God is, even if skeptics feel the need to criticize our beliefs. Criticism and even doubt can lead people to the path of finding God’s truth,” she said.

The Christian author hopes that the album will ignite a fire in the hearts of Christians and skeptics from all over the world. After all, Kanye West is one of the most far-reaching and influential artists of our time.

Feature Photo By DiFronzo – Jesus is King – The Forum, LA, CC BY 2.0,