Kanye West has just achieved the amazing feat of having 9 consecutive No. 1 debuts on the Billboard 200 albums chart. He is now tied with fellow rapper Eminem. West also broke a personal record by raking in 196.9 million on-demand streams for his gospel album titled “Jesus is King.”


The much-talked-about and somewhat controversial album was released on October 25. Since then, it has had tongues wagging. Christian sites and mainstream media have all been talking about the album, which features songs that are faith-centered. Many tracks even feature direct excerpts from the Bible.

There has been a lot of praise for Kanye’s maiden gospel effort, but there have been naysayers as well. It is to be expected since the “born-again” Christian artist has made some drastic deviations from his previous work. However, if the Billboard charts are to be believed, there are many more believers than critics.

According to Billboard, “Jesus is King” earned 264,000 equivalent album units since its Oct. 25 release until Oct. 31. Nielsen Music states that out of the reported total, 109,000 were in album sales. The rest was calculated based on streaming activity. This data is based on the United States alone. The album has gained a lot of attention worldwide as well.

“Jesus is King” is definitely on fire. It also recorded the second-largest sales week of the year for an R&B/Hip-Hop album. The album’s popularity is tied very closely to the “Sunday Service” that Kanye has started to host. In these services, the rapper performs tracks from the album accompanied by a choir. Recently, he has also started to invite pastors to give a sermon. The well-attended “Sunday Service” sessions have also gathered a lot of attention online.

While speaking about his new release, Kanye did not waste the opportunity to give glory to God. “Serving God in everything that I can do is my job. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I’m on the planet is to be in service and in fear, love, and service to God,” he said.