Joan Epstein, whose daughter Kathie Lee Gifford described as “the sunniest person I know,” has died at the age of 87. Kathie Lee confirmed her passing on Twitter Tuesday evening…Kathie talked about her Mom, she spoke about how everyone at Joan’s elderly care facility would talk about how Joan led them to the Lord, or how Joan prayed with them, one person also said that Joan had given her a Bible. Joan had every excuse in the book not to trust Jesus as her Lord and savior. She was an orphan and had loss upon loss throughout her life. But despite all of that, she chose to follow Christ. Kathie Lee went on to talk about how strong her mom was saying, “Do you know what she always remembered? What she had. What she still had,” she said. “And she had the Lord in a deep, deep way.” What an incredible blessing Joan was to the world. I am smiling from ear to ear thinking about how right now she is dancing with Jesus. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kathie Lee and her family during this difficult time. God bless!