'Kindness Matters' Says Woman Who Changed the Life of Man She Met at Dumpster

kindness Nov 18, 2019

Jeanah Nomelli took to Facebook to share the touching story of a man named Will, whom she first met 14 years ago. She shared that when she first met the man, he was digging through a dumpster. After talking to him, she found out that he was a heroin addict. He said that he became addicted after trying the drug while he was grieving for his wife, who died suddenly.


Because of his addiction, Will went through the familiar story. He ended up losing his job and his home. Nomelli says that she formed an unusual friendship with the man. They offered each other advice and support during rough times. However, he suddenly disappeared after a few months.

Nomelli thought that she would never see her friend again. Understandably, she feared for the worst. She was unsure if he was even alive. As is the case with many heroin addicts, things can quickly go downhill if they relapse.

Luckily, Will had a different fate. He didn’t disappear to go back to drugs. Instead, he turned his life around. “God allowed our paths to cross again,” said Nomelli, after saying that she was surprised to see Will waiting for her outside the bathroom of a Chevron.

During the emotional reunion, Will reminded Nomelli of her acts of kindness, ones that helped him turn his life around. “He nostalgically reminded me about a pair of boots and a jacket I gave him to make sure he didn’t freeze,” she recalled.

“I also gave him $7 to get his ID… with a promise that he wouldn’t spend it on drugs. He kept his promise! He got his ID, and a job, later a wife and found grace in the arms of our heavenly creator!” she happily shared.

The two of them had a tearful moment and took a photo to commemorate their reunion. Nomelli repeated that kindness matters. Based on what she experienced with her friend, Will, she says that kindness “can change the course of someone’s world!”


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