Lauren Daigle Performs In Women's Prison to Enlighten Prisoners

Lauren Daigle Performs In Women's Prison to Enlighten Prisoners

Lauren Daigle is a contemporary Christian musician, and she won the Grammy this year for “Look Up Child” as Best Contemporary Christian Music Album. Lauren tries to bring hope to female inmates as she leads worship at an Ohio prison.

Lauren enjoys her life as a messenger of God. Music is a way to reach people’s heart, and she can speak about her faith, and she can glorify the Lord through her songs.

The famous Christian artist went to Marysville, Ohio, to visit The Ohio Reformatory for Women. She believes everyone has chances of developing a better attitude in life. She knows everyone needs to know Jesus to feel contented in life.

Lauren not just played music on the reformatory because she shared the word of God as well. One of her songs states, “He doesn’t see you by your faults or maybe the things that you have done. Or the things that have trapped you or ensnared you. That He sees you as children, as His own. Beloved from the most High King, that’s who you are.”

The thing about spirituality is, the more you give it, the more you’ll retain it. It’s not like material things where you’ll lose the things you owned when you gave them. That’s why Lauren felt she’s the one who’s been blessed when he visited the prison. Lauren expressed, “The one thing we can always do is look up.” No matter who you are or where you come from, God is always right beside you.

The songs of Lauren Daigle are from her own experiences, and it’s from the bottom of her heart. Hope there are more artists like Lauren Daigle who shares the word of God because it’s what we need to be reformed.