After posted this prayer requirment, lot’s of people are praying for this mom and his son. May God helpe her and heal her son.

Katie Morris Heavenly Father you are our healer, our hope. I’m asking you to please heal this your child. I’m thanking you in advance because you are always there for Jesus Almighty name Amen 🙏🏼

Alizia Wells I believe this little boy lost his battle last month. There is an updated video online. Very sad indeed. Praying for his Mother and extended family..😢

Cori Morrison Ugh! My heart goes out to this family. May Jesus wrap his loving arms around this family. My sincerest condolences.

Karin Marrero Oh wow, I was wondering what happened! My heart aches for this Mother.

Mary Shreve Phanco Sometimes God’s way of healing is to bring them home. I lost my Sister to cancer this way, I pray she will find peace knowing where her baby is…..

Theresa Taylor Lord you have the power to help this little would you please help this family lord please start the healing process now my lord in heaven I know you can heal them please amen Jesus amen

Marge Rayner In the name of Jesus please remove the cancer

Becky Lanier Father in Jesus Holy Name I ask You to touch and heal this precious little boy, we give you praise and THANKS for All you do, Amen

Hope Randolph Prayers for you and your family and your son may God bless you and take care of them the angels are watching over him too he ain’t going to be alone with you there too love and prayers to you and may God bless all of you

Weslie L. Hintz I feel for you! Now get on a computer and get some information about natural remedies for curing cancer…Mexico now becoming popular, many Dr.s there that can help…I will pray you have the time to do this for your family. God bless.

Lisa Garcia God please do a mighty healing in the souls of their families, forgiving us all in your heaven Father, first and healing them inside and out, giving them the will to co- exist in their lost, praising you and your mighty name our dear Lord Jesus Christ! Amen

Lou Boyens We do prau that God will heal your son. Only He can. God bless this child and his family. Give them peace that can only come from you. Amen

Mercia Frances So sad, someone said the little boy died last month. My heart goes out to the Mom, God bless you and help you through your loss and pain.

Debbie Walker Surretsky Praying for this precious child, his mom and his family. Cancer is a horrible disease. To watch your child suffer with this is unbearable. GOD Bless you Mam.

Fannie Sanders Deàr Heavenly Father, i know that you can heal anyone, so i am asking you to please heal this child. I know that you can, and i believe that you will. In Jesus name. Amen!!!

Jeanie Fleming Sending the peace i feel in my heart to you and your son. May God find the way to heal your little one in his time of pain. God bless you both and protect you while healing your son.

Beth Herrera God is the Ultimate Healer and ur family is in our prayers… God bless ur family especially ur little boy 

Nelly Paddy Lord you said you would never leave us nor forsake, us but you will be with us to the end and now Lord you just touch this child with your healing hands in Jesus name Amen

Jofford GM Yaconas god has plan for him..he win his battle her in the world… now he up into the heaven.beside with the lord……dont be sad …..the lord has plan for you…just fight10z….and be still with the lord….

Delia Navarrete He lost his fight here on earth ( last month) and now in Glory with no more pain, his momma still needs our prayers

Kathy Cross Lord I pray for this mother in this baby. I pray that they can find medicine or a treatment for this precious little baby. Praying.

Ann Mann Don’t cry sweetie Jesus has you and your family in the palm of his hand. I’ll be praying for you sweetie. Just trust in the Lord and keep your faith.

Alice Frimpong Jesus in your name I am praying for this family now You are The healer you gave second time in life give this second chance in and we will save the rest of my life AMEN and Amen Thank You JESUS

Debbie Lowery I am praying for God’s healing hand on him in Jesus might name to heal him and God’s gets all of the most important part of his glory to our Lord Jesus

Beverly Ellington Lord God touch this situation immediately, Lord you know the need give them your virtue as your will be done. Keep on praying.

Norica Lahang Father God u r our creator n all powers is yours n please lay your hands on this child n be heal in Jesus precious name.Amen.

Bernie Ian Please saint padre Pio and st Charbel kindly intercede for the healing of this little boy in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

Linda Michele Barr Farrier sorry this is happening to ur precious child. I pray the good LORD, will bless ur child with healing, love and comfort for all! amen<3

Renu V Kolluri May The Lord In His Mercy touch the child and heal him.
Oh Lord we need a miracle from you , we believe that you are a miracle working God . You loved and love little children , so here we put this ailing child at Thy feet ! Lord have mercy , hear theSee Mo

Marcy Shirley praying for your son and you and all your family for healing, comfort and a miracle of money and direction, the best doctors, Jesus can heal this child and we need to keep praying for this, but according to HIS will, as He can see the future and we cannot

Wanda Fay Haynie Christian Video and Jesus Love you, her son was called home first week I think in November. His soul is with God.

Annie Patel OK sister im remember and pray for your son, don’t worry. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. God bless you.

Robel Mulisa God please you can heal this Innocent child for your endless mercy and incomparable Love ,in Jesus names, Ameen !

Audrey Miller Dear lord our savior lay your loving hands on this sweet lamb I pray your plan’s are for this child is to stay here♡♡♡

Barbara Cater Prayers of healings for the baby. God is there. Have Faith and Trust in God By Just Believing For The healing. Amen.

Lords Precious Sikandar Precious blood of Jesus he’s the dear son ..we rebuke dirty defeated spirit of cancer in Jesus name..Amen

Junior Jerry Teikamata God is so true and able to heal what ever troubles his children so we just need to believe in him.believe in JESUS IN AMAN

Robert Arentz Prayers are with you and your baby. God Bless you all.

Mary Barlow Prayers for you both and GOD bless you Amen .

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Joyce Lazo Yes, I will pray for him.

Dorothy Norman Pierce praying for the mother the the Lord would gave her real peace and comfort and be with her in this sad time

Diana Nagel Thank you father God. For the healing that you gave this child through your son Jesus..amen

Patricia Baxley Praying for him and you all as well, God will make a way were their seems to be no way.

Suzanne Hendricks Praying for healing for this family

Robin Worthy-Carter So sorry to say that this little boy died a few weeks ago.


Evelyn Rosado Father I come to You for healing for this little boy that is suffering from cancer only You can do miracle on him with your blood. I decree and declare that he is heal in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen God bless you child 

Patricia Meade Prayers for healing and peace for the family

Mary Lou Gomez My Lord Jesus please please help this mom with her beautiful son . She is begging for your healing in your hope and faith and Loving arms . Amen Jesus. 💙❤️

Theresa Mcwoodson This baby passed away a few weeks ago!!!!

Pora N Mapusaga Paila Our Father your mercy your love your healing upon this young soldier please Father my saviour Jesus Christ Ame

Frances Ortiz Good warp your healing arms around this child n heal him. Amen

Reniel Rodriguez Godbless and protect,sending prayers