The largest multi-site church, Life.Church, recently released an 11-song worship album; God is good on Sept. 20.

When the artists and worship pastors JT Murrell and Chris Kuti were interviewed by the Christian Post, they said that through their album they want the world to remember that God’s goodness still exists and He’s never left.

“I think we could be so blinded to all the stuff around us that we forget that in every season, that even more constant than the rising sun and the setting of the same is His goodness and His goodness doesn’t just walk beside us, and behind us in tough seasons, but it also goes before us,” said Chris.

“Our hope through the whole project is that people would be awoken to the awareness that His goodness is still here. He’s never left you, even when it’s hard to think about Him being good because He feels everything other than good,” Chris added.

Murrell said, “My heart for this song, ‘God So Good,’ there’s a lyric in the bridge that says, ‘When you make a promise, Jesus, you keep it and I’ll praise your name as long as I’m singing.'”

He also said that though at times even as a worship pastor it is hard for him to fully believe in the goodness of God, as he sings he calls himself to remind that, “God is good and when He makes a promise, He keeps it!”

When Murrell was asked to describe his expression of worship, he said that it is unapologetic and the team works on writing songs from and for real-life stories.

“In just a few words, I think it is unapologetic. I think it’s bold. It’s definitely authentic. We don’t really know anything else, most of us didn’t come up in a world where we’re trying to just produce music for people to consume it. What we’re really doing is taking real stories and writing songs from them,” said Murrell.

When the interviewer asked about the team’s hope for the people to walk away with, Chris shared that the team wanted to give words to people’s prayers through the songs. Additionally, they also want the people to remember and trust through the songs that God’s hand is everywhere and he is painting everyone’s life in detail.

“We’re telling the stories of our church, and the struggles, and the faith of our church, but we gather together and we sing these songs to God, we’re giving people’s prayers, words,” said Chris.

“I hope every song, like the artist talks about just His hand being everywhere, painting the beautiful things that we see in creation, He’s also painting the details your life too and you can trust His hand,” he added.

Life.Church is led by senior pastor Craig Groeschel who is responsible for the YouVersion Bible app. The church has over 30 multi-campuses and 85,000 attendees.

The worship album team has also released a 5-day bible study plan based on five worship songs from the album.

“We’ve got a reading plan that goes along with this record, God So Good it’s a five-day reading plan that highlights five of the songs off the project goes into a devotional about those songs,” Chris said to the Christian Post.

Click here to download the album.

Go here for “God So Good” bible study plan from YouVersion.

God So Good

5 Days No matter what circumstances you face, there is power and peace available to you. Rediscover the goodness of God in this 5-day devotional from Life.Church Worship, based on the new album, God So Good. We would like to thank Life.Church for providing this plan.