Like Paul of the Bible, Nabeel Qureshi Was A Devout Muslim-Turned Fierce Christian Evangelist

Apostle Paul Aug 25, 2018


Nabeel Qureshi, an American of Pakistan descent, led a colorful life. Just Like Paul of the Bible who persecuted Christians, he was a Muslim who engaged Christians in intense religious discussions to defend Islam until his discourse with another Christian debater, David Wood, who later on became his friend and more importantly, who led him to Christianity, made a great turnaround in his life.

It is sad that Nabeel, who dreamed of becoming a doctor, was taken by the Lord at the age of 34 due to stomach cancer. But, it was a full life he led. He spent most of his productive life seeking the truth about Islam and later on, Christianity. He had such a great influence that’s why he was a constant target of chaos.

In his hospital bed, during his last moments, he made this video to let out his feelings about the age-old conflict between Islam and Christianity.

It is saddening, he said, that discussing matters of truth in Islam and Christianity oftentimes end up in violence and hate. “People take the information that I share to undercut one another,” he said. He wished that people would discuss matters about beliefs through the lens of love, as his friend dealt with him this way – through love.

“The whole point of discussion must always bring people together to the truth. Love and peace to reign. To help and not hurt one another. This is the legacy I want to leave behind,” he said.

He apologized on those times when the words he said contravened. “Our God is the God of Love. That should be what keeps us driven. Whether you’re talking to a Hindu, Jew or Muslim.”

Nabeel Qureshi died on September 16, 2017. He left Michelle, his wife, Ayah, his daughter, and the legacy of love, peace, truth and caring for one another, regardless of the belief.


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