Katie Eitner’s stepdad has a brain tumor, and her family went into a major financial turmoil. Katie loves her stepdad so much that she’s willing to do everything to help him with his medical bills.

Katie decided to sell her beloved lamb in 4-H bidding in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. The little girl was amazed for she didn’t know that a lot of people will bid to help her family raise money.

Katie stepped into the ring in the county fair to sell her 145-pound pet. The bid starts at $20 per pound. Katie didn’t know the organizers of the event knew about her plan beforehand. The organizers shared the news to other 4-H members, their neighbors, and local businesses. They even formulated a plan for them to attend the auction and help Katie.

The price for every pound goes up every minute, and the crowd kept on cheering. Those who are attending the auction can’t hold their tears because the event was so emotional. The winning bid goes at $233 per pound, and it’s ten times over the price of the starting bid. Eventually, Katie sold her lamb for $33,785, and the catch was – she got to bring home her pet lamb safe and well after the auction.

I’ve seen a lot of things in my life but this is one of the most amazing things I’ve witnessed in my life. We love you buddy ❤️

Posted by Hanna Belle Price on Thursday, August 8, 2019

People in social media admire the farming community because of the act of kindness shown to the littler girl. It’s inspiring because a community gathered their resources to provide help to those in need.

A Facebook commenter stated, “This is what 4-H and farming are all about! A tight-knit group that will go to extremes to help one another!”

Harley Joe Gapen, the stepdad of Katie, is grateful for what Katie has done for him even if she’s only his stepdaughter. It’s a testament we can help other people if they’re not our relatives, and also if we don’t have enough.