Lois Evans, the wife of megachurch pastor Tony Evans, died Monday following her public battle with a rare gallbladder cancer.

Tony shared, “Just before the sun came up this morning, the love of my life, Lois Irene Evans, transitioned from earth and watched her first sunrise from Heaven.”

“I had the privilege of holding her hand as she was lulled into eternity. Our four children surrounded her as well. As she slipped away, we told her how much we love her, how proud we are of her, and how thankful we are for the life she has lived.”

“We are what we are because of her,” he continued.

“Thank you so much for praying for my wife and for my family. God answered our prayers this morning by relieving her of suffering. But the truth is, He has been answering our prayers all along. Lois lived beyond medical expectations, not once, but over and over again. God has been so kind to give us more time to make wonderful memories.”

Evans said that while the days ahead will be “challenging,” he is “grateful for the life and love of a woman who planted seeds that will bear fruit for generations to come.”

He credits his wife with spearheading their early success after they co-founded The Urban Alternative in 1981.

“Mrs. Evans used her business skills to organize, develop and expand the outreach and growth of the ministry,” his TonyEvans.org website states.

Lois also founded the Pastors’ Wives Ministry and the First Lady Conference.

According to her website, she received the 1995 Good Samaritan Award from Dallas Baptist University and an honorary doctorate from Eastern College in 1996.

Her husband publicly revealed her biliary cancer diagnosis in April, saying a routine scan showed disease had returned after she appeared cancer-free for a period of time.

He revealed in November that doctors said there was nothing more they could do.

“So we are totally resting on the supernatural at this point,” he told The Dallas Morning News.