One time, I heard someone say that there’s no such thing as forever when it comes to love. Perhaps, that’s what they see in people that they know, or what they observe. We don’t know. But do you believe that the word ‘forever’ is just as real as true love? Wait till you see a very lovely couple from Rockford, Illinois, who has been married for nearly 8 decades. Would you believe that?

101-year-old Merle Keena and 95-year-old Stella Keena, a couple who has been married for 79 years, are still living strong and still passionate for each other. Stella still remembers the day when they got married. She had just turned 17 years old, and three days later, they got married. The couple mentioned that there was a time when Merle lived in a nursing home, but Stella brought him home again and said that he’s not going there anymore, and that she would take care of him herself.

Living by themselves, Stella said that there are things that she can do and things that she can’t do. They are blessed to have people around to help them with everything that they need.

It amazes me whenever I see old couples that are still living together and enjoying each other’s company. It is a testament to their true love and devotion for each other, fulfilling the vow they’ve uttered, “Till death do us part.” The couple’s life is an encouragement to other married people out there to really treasure the life of being together in marriage and honor the sanctity of the vow they’ve made with God.

The Keena couple gives us a very simple message that will really make marriage strong and enduring. Stella said, “Merle is happy, and I’m happy. When he’s happy, I’m also happy.” Merle also said something like this, “I’m happy when she’s around.” What a very simple principle, but a very essential key to a happy marriage that will truly last forever.