A Massachusetts community cheers, dance, and sings for Quinn Waters. They are making an effort to make the home-bound boy happy. Quinn is just three years old, and he’s suffering from a brain tumor known as Medulloblastoma. He’s been into several chemotherapy sessions, a transplant of stem cell, and has spent months in hospital.

The chemotherapy sessions are intense, and the immune system of the little boy is affected, so he can’t play outside. The little boy’s window is his primary source of access to the outside world, and it is his lifeline. The window is also known as “Quinn-dow,” and it’s where he observes other kids playing, and it’s his way to imagine he’s an ordinary child.

The strong-willed boy has been named “The Mighty Quinn” because of his bravery in battling cancer. Tara Waters, Quinn’s mother is an officer in the Quincy Police Department. Last April, dozens of police enforcers shaved their heads so they can raise money for Quinn. The event is a success because they got more than the $5,000 they’re asking. They’ve raised over $27,000!

The weekend has been a great one for the Mighty Quinn. We ended yesterday with a visit from 2 of the nicest girls who…

Posted by The Mighty Quinn on Sunday, August 18, 2019

Even strangers are dropping by at the “Quinn-dow” to say hi to Quinn. Some are performing various tricks and performances to lighten up his spirit. A lot of cars are honking as they pass by as a sign of support for the courage of Mighty Quinn.

Tara is glad that his son can socialize through his little window and live like a normal boy. She said her son always said ‘this is the best day ever’ and it makes her happy.

“He doesn’t ask to go outside or get mad if he can’t, and he doesn’t pity himself, he has the best outlook on life and laughs and plays until bedtime. Out of a terrible disease comes some good in the world, and Quinn has had experiences some kids never have,” she added.

The Mighty Quinn will know if he’ll be cancer-free in Fall and everyone hopes for the best. Tara said, “He’s doing so well that I think the boost of positivity is keeping him going.”