Miracle happened when I was down

  • When ever I think on that very moment ,I have goose bumps.Miracle happened in my life ,there are several and unaccountable Miracles  which Lord Jesus have done in my life.
  • But this one is made a Everlasting impact on my life and also God through this My God bring me back from the Darkness in which I was living my life.
  • In 2006 I lost my job at the age of 37 this the age which doesn’t considered in young or in old. I have four members in my family my 2 Daughters and my wife and my mother.when I lost the job my wife was the only earning member and the responsibility came on to her shoulders.
  • I was trying hard but couldn’t got the job.at that time where ever I go for interview there was a shadow always with me and that shadow was speaking to me that you will not get any job, I was loosing hope.
  • One day I got a letter from my bank it was 27th day of that month ,the letter says that as there is no transactions in the account so the bank will close my account ,the account number of this very bank in my Provident fund company.
  • On that I have visiter to whom I owed some money he was a decent guy I told him that I don’t know when my Provident fund will come into my account so he told me check it Sir and if you get funds call him.
  • On the very same day I visited to my bank ATM without any hope knowing that there is no fund in my account . I took out my debit card  in my hand and prayed that Lord Jesus I know and you know that when I put this card into the slot the balance receipt come which is of zero.
  • After that I put my card into the slot when the receipt came ,it was having 80 thousand rupees in my account and it was there since 4 days ,my whole body was shaked in the ATM I was crying literally for the miracle My Lord Jesus did.
  • It was then I became more positive toward God’s words and I the same year God gave a good job.
  • So my suggestion to everyone who is reading this post always trust God you never know when he done a miracle in your life.but you need to be come out from the darkness you are living .and God is light and If he shines on your life will be changed and you walk in his light.


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