Miracle Operation Lets 7-year-old Walk for the First Time

Testimony Nov 5, 2019

Jasmine Morton was destined to be wheelchair-bound for the rest of her life due to cerebral palsy. Thanks to a life-changing operation in 2016, she has miraculously been able to take her first steps without any help. Now just seven years old, Morton has a better quality of life to look forward to.


The miracle operation was able to reduce stiffness in young Jasmine’s legs. She was diagnosed with a form of cerebral palsy called spastic diplegia, which stemmed from a brain injury she sustained at birth. As Jasmine grew up, she was only able to move around with the help of walking aids and wheelchairs.

After the surgery and months of physiotherapy, Jasmine has managed to take 30 steps unaided. “It’s a place we were unsure we’d ever get to,” said her mother, Sally.

According to a report by the BBC, Sally raised over £60,000 in order to pay for the miracle operation. Thousands of strangers pitched in to help raise the money needed to help give Jasmine a chance to walk. Because of the involvement of so many generous souls, Sally has made it a habit to share Jasmine’s progress on social media. Her posts allow the strangers who helped her daughter become a part of the joyful achievements.

“A man I’d never met before in my life donated £10,000,” shared Sally.  Aside from raising Jasmine, Sally also had to take care of another daughter. Jasmine was born with an able-bodied sister named Summer. Now, Jasmine is said to be inspired by her sister and is determined to be able to run around to play with her.

In the future, Sally thinks that her daughter can be a great spokesperson for people suffering from similar conditions. “Jasmine is going to be very good at sharing the challenges she has gone through in a physically able world,” she said.


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