When Ciara Hooker, mother of Tyson Mendoza, 5-year-old, bid him bye in the morning as he boarded the Sullivan Elementary School’s School bus, little did she know that it is her last ever adieu to her little son.

Tyson Mendoza along with 10 other kids after spending the day at school was returning home on the school bus as they would every day.

Unfortunately while returning home, the school bus crashed into an SUV in the Illinois 32 at Moultrie County Road 800 N, about 4 miles south of Sullivan near the Moultrie-Shelby county line, killing Tyson and Lori Samples, 56-year-old, the driver of the SUV.

Four days after the incident, while Tyson’s parents were still in the process of accepting their son’s passing away, Ciara Hooker, Tyson’s mother made a Facebook post that warmed hearts of thousands.

Ciara, who thought about Sam, Tyson’s bus driver on the day of the accident, requested her friends unselfishly to say a prayer for the bus driver. She also described Tyson’s love for the driver and comforted him by saying that everything is going to be okay.

“There are a thousand things I want to say, but I would like for everyone to please say a prayer for Sam the bus driver,” Ciara wrote on Facebook.

“My son loved Sam and as heavy as my heart is, I can’t imagine how he is feeling and I just want him to know it’s going to be okay not but one day and I hope this gets to him somehow,” she continued.


“Sam I don’t want you to feel the way I’m sure you’re feeling and if I could hug you right now I would. Tyson loved you very much!” Ciara wrote.

This unselfish heart of Ciara has touched thousands over the internet and her post was shared more than a thousand times.