Don’t you know that our words have power? Yes, they do! Anything we say can release something in the atmosphere or to the people that we are talking to either positive or negative energy. It has the power to build or destroy. So, anything we say can affect a person’s emotions and well-being.

Julie Venn, the mother of a 13-year-old girl, Riley, stopped a nurse practitioner from saying negative comments about her daughter’s weight. Now, her words of wisdom are being liked and spread on the internet like a wildfire, and most people totally agree with what she did.

Her children are sportive kind of kids. They love being involved in extra-curricular activities. And about her 13-year-old daughter, she is involved in other kinds of activities too other than what she has in school.

One fine day, Julie and her daughter went to the doctor for her teenage girl’s yearly physical examination. That’s where it happened. Naturally, both of them didn’t know that that appointment with the doctor will create something factual that everyone should consider. She posted what transpired in the doctor’s examination room in the Love What Matters page.

We should be careful with our choice of words. We should not use words that might trigger a person to feel uncomfortable or even hurt. The NP should have talked to the young girl using gentle words because teenage kids are emotional people due to physical and emotional changes and transitions.

You can watch the video to hear from the mouth of professionals how negative words about weight can be painful and damaging for young kids.