A 2-year-old girl named Bella was inside a van when it rolled down a hill and crashed down hard. Surprisingly she managed to survive with barely just a scratch.

The girl’s mother Megan Newman has not stopped thanking the Lord for saving her daughter. “She came out with barely a scratch on her. It’s truly a miracle,” said the 27-year-old mom.

Bella has a twin sister named Elena, who was not in the car at the time of the accident.

“It was like an ordinary day for us.”

Before the accident, Newman and her two kids have just returned from a wonderful visit to the aquarium. Once they got home, she put her car into park, pulled up the handbrake since they live on a steep hill.

“July 11 was like an ordinary day for us,” she said.

When Newman tried to remove her key from the vehicle, the key was stuck. She chose to leave it first as she unbuckled her daughters from the van but little Bella didn’t want to get off the car. Newman then went to ask for help to remove the key. Suddenly, she heard her neighbor started yelling, “your car is rolling down the hill!”

Newman was terrified.

“I felt my heart just stopped. It didn’t feel real. I bolted down the hill as fast as I could to get to my baby who was in the car unbuckled and I was waiting anxiously for them (first responders) to get her out! She was miraculously ok!” Newman said.

“God was watching over everyone on July 11,” she added.

Bella was taken to the hospital to get a full check-up. Everyone was shocked that not a thing happened to her. She was in good shape despite how bad the accident was.

It could have been worse


Minnesota Police Officer Todd Simmons was the first on the scene. Simmons was on his way to work when the accident happened.

Newman was removing her twin daughters from the van when the van rolled away. Elena was the first to be removed but Bella got trapped inside as the van rolled downhill.

“The van rolls away with one of the toddlers inside and into busy Mesaba Avenue traffic, striking a vehicle and lodging into the trees on the steep hillside below. The van was partially suspended in the trees above the ground,” Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken said.

Tusken said that Officer Simmons rushed to the site of the crash and safely removed Bella from the van. He immediately called for medical help afterward.

“Thank you, Officer Simmons, for your timing, quick actions, and service to help a very scared mom, child and crash victim,” Tusken stated.

Fortunately, it was only property damage and a minor injury. The scary incident could have potentially been tragic.

A mother’s gratitude

Newman expressed her utmost gratitude for Officer Simmons’ heroic response beyond the call of duty.

“I just want to thank Officer Simmons who witnessed it all firsthand and came to my daughter’s rescue right away!” she said.

She now seeks to raise $3,000 for emergency expenses. For further information, please go to her GoFundMe campaign.