Champale Anderson is a mother of six, and she cares so much for the kids in St. Louis, her neighborhood. She realized a lot of those children are hungry after going home from school, so she is preparing food for those kids.

Champale, 48, has spoken to People, “I’m always the one that kids come to whenever they’re in trouble, when they need somewhere to stay, I’m usually the one that they can come stay with.”

She is so generous because, for five years, Champale is packing bags of snacks and sandwiches to feed hundreds of kids. She wants to ensure those kids won’t be hungry, so she’s been giving them chips and sandwiches with jelly and peanut butter every day.

Her operation started with 15 bags only, but in just a week, her reach doubled because of word of mouth. Now, Champale estimates 130 kids seek a food bag daily. She said, “I get off of work to come to work to finish doing this for them.” After working in health care every morning, she will pack food for the kids. Champale said, “They look forward to it; I can’t disappoint them.”

Champale is mixing her food bags to delight the kids. Sometimes her sandwiches are filled with bologna or turkey, and there are add-ons such as cookies, chips, fruits, fruit snacks, and juice. Champale said, “Every day it’s something different.”

She paid all the expenses through her own money for the initial five years. However, when KTVI interviewed her, she got a lot of donations and assistance to maintain and expand her operations.

Champale has been able to add four tables within several areas. She’s running her operations with the help of her sister and aunt. They’re known as Champ’s Teardrops for “it’s a sad situation.”

The kind and generous efforts of Champale are helping a lot of people. There’s this one girl who asked for another bag because they don’t have food at home, and her parents can’t feed them.

Champale expressed, “So many of them, they come up to me and tell me that they appreciate it because a lot of people assume that the kids are suffering because parents maybe are on drugs or anything. It’s not all about that. A lot of it is, but a lot of them can barely pay their bills. Hell, I can barely pay mine, but I was blessed enough to have a little spare change left over to provide this.”

Champale is hoping her initiative will continually grow. She said, “This is our future, and nobody should go hungry. We have enough money in this world to provide this. If they can build new buildings, they can buy bread and bologna and stuff for certain neighborhoods to help them. And that’s my goal. I want to reach everything.”