Mother’s Love Carries Cerebral Palsy Son to Harvard

Mother’s Love Carries Cerebral Palsy Son to Harvard

Zou Hongyan waited with joyful anticipation of the day she was going to give birth to her first baby in 1988.

Her world collapsed when her little baby boy was born disabled with cerebral palsy because of the complications during the birth.

Everyone including the doctors and her husband encouraged her to give up on the baby as they foresaw the miserable life the child will lead.

Zou ignoring all the pessimistic conclusions decided to raise the child which unfortunately left her as a single mom.

Zou took up three jobs simultaneously to run the family.

At the same time, Zou also started to learn about her son’s sickness and the cure for it. She played games with her son that would boost his senses and develop his brain. She also taught him to use chopsticks when he could barely hold the sticks with his little hands and fingers.

Zou’s loving care and efforts to lay the foundation for the baby’s intelligence bore amazing fruits when Ding Ding – Zou’s little boy – grew up and graduated from Peking University.


Astoundingly Ding Ding is now also a Harvard Law student.

The love of Zou has taken Ding Ding to heights that no one has ever imagined.