Corbin Bernstein’s new film entitled “Life With Dog” is about how forgiveness and faith empower us. Corbin writes the script, and he’ll also act and direct it, so it’s a project close to his heart.

The actor spoke with’s Pure Talk, and he said, “I have an immense belief that next to love – forgiveness is a powerful, powerful tool because we are trespass in this life. Anger can destroy you, but if you learn forgiveness — it’s this freeing thing.”

Corbin warns that it will be difficult when one allows anger and hatred to fester in his life. He said, “If we get seeded in that hate and anger, then we end up kind of like what we see today — chaos. It disturbs me.”

It’s the topic Corbin tackles in Life With Dog, which is currently airing on Joe Bigler, the movie’s main character, struggles on the death of his wife. Joe’s uncertain world ends when he forms a bond with a dog that healed him.

Corbin is happy with the content of Life With Dog, and he wants to talk about more important issues in his future films. He hopes Life With Dog will help people think about forgiveness and its importance at how it could make up happier. The director understands that a person who can’t forgive carries a burden.

Corbin’s family is involved in the film industry, and he’s happy at his career right now, in spite of his career challenges before. He said aspiring Hollywood actors should have thick skin because there’s so much rejection. He believes God planned him to become a writer, actor, and director so he can influence others with his work.