Having a musician, an elephant, and a piano all in one scene would definitely sound odd to a lot of people. So imagine the awe of the people who watched something that had these all in one video. There is definitely a reason why this video turned viral!

In the said video, British pianist Paul Barton can be seen enjoying a walk outside with an elephant. It seemed normal at first until the two arrived in front of a piano. What made the video more astonishing, was the fact that the elephant, whose name is Lam Duan, was found out to be blind and already of old age–62 years old to be exact!

Barton started playing some classical music while Lam Duan enjoyed basking under the sun. Anyone would think that the video would just be like that but the viewers were bound to a surprise when Lam Duan was seen something incredible!

In the video, Lam Duan was seen swaying to the music that Barton was playing. Her movements are also seen to be getting wider as the chords progress. Who would have thought that an old blind female elephant would also enjoy pieces by Bach and the likes?

Though Lam Duan appeared to be enjoying the music, Barton explained that the elephant hadn’t always been this calm.

“I was heartbroken when I first saw Lam Duan arrive at Elephants World in 2012. She’s so restless. When you play music to her, she stops being restless and is calm,” Barton shared.

It is indeed nice to see that not only humans can be healed from music therapy but animals like Lam Duan as well.

Click the video and see the touching bond between the pianist and the blind elephant below!