Muslim Scholar Dr. Quanta Ahmed on Tuesday “Fox & Friends” told Fox News host Pete Hegseth that the Trump administration has done more to protect religions freedom worldwide than previous presidents Obama and Bush.

“The United States and President Trump have particularly empowered those Christians to prosecute the genociders, the ISIS perpetrators, and pursue them until kingdom come, which is excellent. But we need to do more; but I think the president is capable of that,” she said.

“Christians are the minority in Muslim countries but their presence in these areas is vital,” said Dr. Ahmed.

“In the Muslim-majority countries, if the Christians survive, democracy can survive,” Ahmed said.

“Forty percent of the world’s Christians are now in the Americas, including the United States, a big sanctuary for Christianity. So if Christians are not surviving, democracy is not surviving,” she noted.

This remark comes after the Trump administration has held two ministerials to advance religions freedom all over the globe. The second ministerial was held in Washington D.C. on July 16-18. Hundreds of activists and diplomats from all over the globe attended the ministerial.

More than 100 foreign delegations were invited to the ministerial and more than 1,000 representatives came from the U.S. People from from civil societies and from Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Falun Gong, and other religious backgrounds participated in the event and discussed about global persecution and religious freedom.