The 21 minute-26 seconds video of Nathan Wheeler where he spoke about crossing over the other side was so AWESOME. He was welcomed by four ‘gentlemen’ who were angels. They toured him around the heaven town square. He walked around in cloud-like environment. He saw the kingdom building that symbolizes Israel and the Third Temple. And finally, he heard the 8-foot tall angel ordering him sternly to describe and share what he saw when he came back to earth life.

There are so many lessons he want to impart, all related to his own contradictions about heavenly concepts. First, he had to go flat line in a hospital in 2013 to correct his doubts on the existence of heaven. Because while he has always believed in God, the Messiah and the Bible, he didn’t believe heaven was real, thinking it was a man-made place to give hope to people. He has always believed and followed the Messiah but it’s puzzling why he can’t call the Messiah, Jesus. He claims to have read the Bible from cover to cover, and there are passages in the holy book that describe heaven in details, yet he had to die for about 30 seconds and be in heaven to convince himself the place is real.

And the angels. His physical description of angels was consistent with Josiah Lamb, the boy who almost lost his head until he looked up the sky to see big, tall, humongous angels. Nathan Wheeler said the “shortest was 6’5, tallest was 8 feet.”

No white tunnel, no family welcoming him on the other side when he ‘visited’ heaven briefly.  But there was a welcoming party that comprised 4 big, tall gentlemen who were wearing something like white Roman robe worn by soldiers off duty. He had to take note in detail that the skirt or kilt of the angels had Roman strap or design with brownish or gold tracing and leather-ish belt. In the heavenly town square, he was like walking on a cloud but it’s not a cloud but white light that filled the air. There was mountain on the background. They stopped in a building about 60 to 70 feet high, with olive leaf design in the twisted pillar. He said it refers to Israel because the nation is associated with olive leaf.

He saw all these things while he was “out” or dead for 30 seconds.

There are many controversial statements as well. First, it is shocking to hear him say he is not a Christian yet a firm believer and follower of the Messiah, as well as the Bible. “I don’t believe in Christianity. I think this is a man-made religion. And there’s a significant difference between Christianity and the Bible. If you read the Bible in its entirety, and study history and the Judaic nation, you will know who and what the messiah really is,” he said.

There were philosophical lessons, too, that he wanted to stress. “The greater fear is not death, but to die, go to heaven and come back to earth life and to realize that you didn’t live your life how you were supposed to … you didn’t live the life doing and being the thing that God wanted you to be.” That encouraging statement is for those who are afraid to come out of their shell. He advised that passion or yearnings to do or say something to the world must be pursued.

Only to contradict himself again. Nathan Wheeler said it is important for people to know that on the other side, in heaven, one’s passion or anything done in this world will not matter. Therefore, he advises that all efforts must gear to living for the other side, for heaven.