Carson Wentz, NFL Quarterback from the Philadelphia Eagles, inspires a lot of people on and off the field through his Christian faith.

The 27-year-old Carson considers God as the only audience of his life. He said to a CBN interviewer, “I can’t escape it that’s just my life motto and Audience of One; I actually have it tattooed on my wrist. I heard someone say that phrase, a great reminder for me when I’m out there playing! But it’s everything I do! Serving my wife, being a son or a friend, whatever it is. The Lord is my audience. In playing Monday Night Football you’re being watched by millions or the media is writing things about you, good or bad, what matters is what God says about you and what he says that you are!”

Following his life motto, Wentz has founded an organization named AO1. He founded this organization to minister to the destitute, differently-abled and military veterans. The organization’s objective reflects Carson’s greatest passions in life – his faith, his love for outdoors and his love for dogs.

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Talking about the foundation Carson said, “I think when you’re sharing the gospel, you’re verbally sharing, expressing who Christ is but also, so many people’s lives are changed because of how you live! Because of how you walk it out! That’s something that we strive to do with the AO1 Foundation.”

The AO1 foundation concentrates on three ministries – Thy Kingdom Crumb, Outdoor Ministry and Haiti Sports Complex.

Thy Kingdom Crumb is a ministry that distributes food to people from different geographical areas through food trucks.

“I think the biggest thing is – it’s free! It’s an opportunity for people to open up, engage, have a community block party and then hopefully dig a little deeper, spiritually,” said Carson about TKC.

The outdoor ministry organizes outdoor activities and disciples people through fellowships. “I mean it is that message of overcoming and ultimately that message of overcoming is through Jesus! Obviously they’re going through some amazingly difficult things! And the biggest thing we want them to hold on to and cling to – is that Jesus is greater than all of those things,” said Carson about the outdoor ministry program.

The Haiti Sports Complex is a facility building project in Haiti that will impact 15,000 children per year by providing them an opportunity to develop physical abilities, foster teamwork, learn interpersonal skills, cope with stress and grow in responsibility to become men and women of integrity.

“We strive to do live the life of Christ through the AO1 Foundation, with Thy Kingdome Crumb, partnering to build the Haiti Sports Complex, with the Outdoor Ministry that we have going in the Midwest. We always want to tangibly bless somebody with an opportunity, with food, with something unique that will fix a physical need but a spiritual need at the same time. That what it’s all about,” said Carson about the ministries,” said Carson.

“God wants me to surrender to Him, have that relationship with Him. And that’s truly all that matters. So, for me, to have my Lord Jesus Christ as my audience, it just changes my perspective on everything,” said Carson in the interview about his Christian life and his ministries.