NFL Star Linebreaker, Demario Davis from New Orleans Saints started selling “Man of God” headbands to thousands of fans after being fined thousands of dollars for wearing one during a game.

The 30-year-old captain wore the “Man of God” band underneath his helmet during the Sept. 22 game against the Seattle Seahawks. The gold-colored headband was visible as Davis took off his helmet for a few moments.

“So, I got fined $7K for my headband. Should I continue to wear it, or nah? #LetThePeopleDecide,” wrote Davis on Instagram.

Davis was fined for violating the league’s dress code, which states that the players are not allowed to wear bandannas or any unapproved headwear or any personal messages if it were not approved by the league office, even underneath the helmet.

“I was not expecting the fine because I had worn the headband before, but once I realized that it was against the rules, I was in a conflicting position,” Davis told FOX Business.

“Should I continue to wear it because of the messaging or would I follow the rule? Which would bring ultimate glory to God?” said Davis. “I think it should be a topic of conversation, especially if the player’s messaging is not offensive,” he added.

Since wearing the band is against the rules of the league and the fine amount is double if it is worn again, Davis has decided that he will not wear the band again in the games.

Instead, Davis has come up with an arrangement to sell the “Man of God” band to thousands of his fans who will, in turn, wear the band on behalf of him.

“No, I won’t wear it, but I’m working on a way to let fans buy them and donate towards a cause,” Davis said. “That way, the fans can wear them for me,” said Davis to Fox Business.

“You can get a #ManOfGod or #WomanOfGod headband too. Hit the link in my bio to get yours,” he wrote on Instagram.

Additionally, he has announced that the money earned through selling the headbands will be donated to St. Dominic’s Hospital’s Emergency Department.

Davis, a husband, and father of four, very often shares his Christian faith very openly on Instagram. In an interview with Associated Press in 2014, Davis had stated that faith has alway remained first for him and football comes only third.

“I was a leader off the field on this team before I was a leader on the field. I wanted my character to speak for me before I even stepped foot on the field. I wanted guys to know that I put God first, I put my family second and I put football third,” said Davis.

Go here to get a Man/Woman of God headband of your own and to donate for a cause.