Thomas Moore is an eight-year-old boy from Maryland with a heart of gold.

Maybe you feel confused that why a boy has such long hair…however when you know the reason, I think your heart will be melted. Two years ago, When he oversaw a certain Facebook video that his mom was watching, he didn’t just turn away. Rather he asked some questions and then had a creative and thoughtful idea of how he could make a difference in the lives of children who have cancer.

He want donate his hair to the children who lost their because of cancer. And then he did it,  two entire years he let his hair grow longer and longer. When he finally got a hair-cut, there was enough for three wigs to be made for other kids who had lost theirs!

Thomas didn’t care whether he looks strange, he knows what he is doing and then he just keep going! Really, this is so touching, and I think all of us should learn from him.

God bless this little angel !