Delvin Simmons is a 60-year-old, who spent 40 of his years as a truck driver. Being a truck driver was Simmons’ dream and he has been doing it since he graduated high school.

Delvin Simmons realized that he could not drive a truck anymore as he was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in his first colonoscopy, so he decided to make his last trip home on the truck special.

He took his son Justin along with him as he drove for the last time. Justin recorded a video of his dad singing an emotional and inspiring song – “The Old Man is Dead” by Del Way.

Since then, the song has gone viral on social media and close to 7 million people has watched the video. The audience was very inspired by Delvin’s singing.

“In 1987 when I was 7 years old he gave his heart to Christ and accepted Jesus as his savior. Since that time he has passionately and selflessly served the church, his community, and so many others showing them God’s love the very best he could,” Justin wrote in a Gofundme post.

“For 15 years he drove the church bus to pick up children in the community to bring them to church. He made a point to make each one feel special and loved,” Justin added.

“I have never made it through that song without the Lord touching my heart, reminding me that he loved me and brought me out of what I used to be,” Delvin shared in the video.

Delvin had colon cancer for an entire decade but was only able to know it one month before he passed away. Exactly one month after Delvin had sung the song, he passed away.

The old man is dead Lyrics

now and then an old of mine
i’ve not seen in some time
will stop by and ask me
where’ve i been? what’s on my mind?
they wonder why i’m not drinking
and still painting this old town red
i tell them i’m serving jesus now
and the old man is dead
the man you see before you
may look a lot the same
i may wear the same clothes
and have the same old name
but you’re looking on the outside
if you could see inside instead
you would see a brand new man
’cause the old man is dead
i use to live such a wicked life
i had no hope in sight
i was lost in the darkness
searching for