Many say that being a musician usually runs in the blood. Some have talents and skills in playing musical instruments that not everyone has. No doubt that these three young brothers serenade us all with their beautiful music, a combination of a banjo, a guitar, and a violin presentation. Their parents must be so proud of their kids. If I were their dad, I would surely upload this kind of performance on the internet, and I’m glad that their mom did. People must see how good they are together.

The trio calls themselves ‘The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys.’ It is composed of the three Mizzone brothers namely: Tommy on the guitar, 15; Robbie on the violin, 15; and the youngest, Jonnie on the banjo, 11. They play bluegrass music. It’s a kind of country music played with instruments such as the banjo and the guitar. It also includes other instruments or vocals most of the time. The three brothers are certainly so talented and have been performing together in different places. They have also become a sensation even on the internet.

They truly are an amazing trio. I must say that they perform very well and look good too. One of their videos now have over 7 million views and still counting. Who wouldn’t be fascinated by their great performances and talents? Listen and watch the video and you will surely become one of their fans too.