As an insecure child, I always thought I am never beautiful enough to live and compete in this world. I was surrounded by most dominating people in my family.All I learned from them was to obey them even when I don’t want to. My home was the major reason when I started getting the panic attacks.

Many people think that panic attacks can’t be controlled. Yes, it is absolutely right. What I learned from my experience is panic attack happens when your soul cries. It used to make me realize that how empty I am from inside. I just had no answer why this is happening to me? I took almost all wrong steps because of panic attacks. It’s one of those unwanted feelings where you are compelled to ask why you even exist on this Earth?

No one could satisfy me unless I met Jesus in my life.The day I received Holy spirit my soul stopped crying. I never felt vacuumed from within.Bible says only God knows our soul coz he had created them. Until you met your creator, your soul will never stop crying.