Pastor Francis Chan Reveals Plan to Spread God's Word in Asia

Pastor Francis Chan Reveals Plan to Spread God's Word in Asia

Influential Pastor Francis Chan has made the surprise announcement that he plans to leave the United States to move to Asia. The best-selling author revealed that he will be uprooting his family by February 2020, so that they could become international missionaries.

Chan spoke about his plan to relocate while speaking to an audience at the chapel of the Azusa Pacific University in California. He said that he’s been “fishing in the same pond” his whole life. “Now, there’s like thousands of other fishermen at the same pond, and our lines are getting tangled and everyone’s fighting over stupid things,” he added.


According to Faith Wire, the comment may be related to a possible conflict that pushed him to resign as lead pastor of the Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley back in 2010. The move came as a big shock to the congregation since he and his wife founded the church together back in 1994, the year they were married.

After his resignation, Chan and his wife Lisa moved their family to Northern California. They then established “We Are Church” in their new location. Less than ten years later, there are now over a dozen churches that have popped up in the area. Lines are indeed getting tangled and Chan is ready to move his mission.

The “Crazy Love” author revealed that the idea came to him while on a missionary trip to Myanmar. While there, he visited the locals and communicated with them through a translator. He marveled at how the people he met had never heard of Jesus. He loved how the locals embraced the knowledge that he shared with them what it means to be Christian.

Chan told his wife that he felt like it was time for them to move out of the country and become fishers of men in Asia. “The eagerness, the way they listened, seeing people get baptized—it was just like, ‘Wow, what do we do on a normal day that even compares to this?’,” he said.