Prominent pastor Greg Laurie has penned an open letter to rapper Kanye West, who has recently released a gospel album titled “Jesus is King.” The pastor shared his letter via FaithWire and welcomed the famous musician into the family of God. He also offered advice on how Kanye can continue his life of devotion.

Laurie, who serves as the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in California, started his letter by commending Kanye for using his “considerable platform” and influence to spread the word about his newfound faith.

The pastor shared that he is reaching out to the musician after listening to his new album, which dropped just over a week ago. Laurie also referenced a recent interview where Kanye spoke about his album and his faith. The pastor admitted that he had never met the famous musician, but he decided to take it upon himself to offer some advice.

According to Laurie, Kanye must read the Bible every day. Upon listening to the songs in “Jesus is King,” the pastor admitted that Kanye probably already heeds this advice. “Reading the Bible is like waking up to a personal text from God in the morning. The Bible is God’s very word to us. It’s alive and powerful and will help you to grow in your new spiritual life,” he said.

Next, the pastor told Kanye that he needs to pray. “The objective of prayer is not to move God my way, but to move me His way! So, when you have burdens, or concerns, or worries or needs, commit them to the Lord in prayer — and trust that He will listen to you,” he said.

Kanye admitted in the past that he found his way to the Lord after suffering a lot of hardships. He publicly suffered a meltdown just a few years ago, after his wife, Kim Kardashian West, was robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

The next piece of advice is perhaps an invitation to get in touch. Laurie asked Kanye to find a home church and find a pastor. It is unclear if Laurie is volunteering himself, but he certainly made it clear that Kanye should be conducting his extremely popular Sunday Service with the guidance of a pastor. “Every believer needs a home church and they need a pastor,” he said.

Finally, Laurie encouraged Kanye to share his faith. He admitted that again, Kanye is already doing this really well on his own. He warned Kanye about detractors and those who will mock his faith. Being a celebrity, Kanye is not a stranger to criticism. However, the pastor says that “sometimes it will be people who identify as Christians that will nit-pick and critique you instead of pray for you.”

The full text of the open letter is available on FaithWire.