Michael Grady received a call and heard the most distressing news of his daughter being shot and lying down in a pool of blood in the local Wal-Mart.

Grady is 65-year-old and pastor of Prince of Peace Christian Fellowship in El Paso, Texas. He has three daughters and a son.

One of his daughters, Michelle, visited the local Wal-Mart on one Saturday morning. She was shot at the store along with 45 other people in a mass shooting, out of which 22 of them lost their lives.

Michelle managed to call her mother, Jeneverlyn, who rushed to the store, keeping her daughter in line until she located her. Jeneverlyn then called Grady.

Grady’s home was only 7-minute drive from the store. But it seemed longer to Grady as he hurried to save her daughter. He was praying all through his drive.

During the short drive that felt like an eternity, Grady prayed. And he hasn’t stopped since. “I was asking God to make sure Michelle isn’t in a lot of pain or was suffering that we would get through to her and find her that was my prayer,” said Grady.


When Grady met Michelle she was not doing okay. He was shot in her hand, her back and in her pelvis.

Michelle was admitted to the University Medical Center of El Paso with the help of an ambulance.

“We’re mixing faith and medicine together so that, hopefully, she will be able to recover,” said Grady.

“I wouldn’t try to make excuses for God,” Grady told the Los Angeles Times. “God has a purpose, even in this. And he stands with you, and the people of God stand with you to cover you with love and grace and walk with you on this journey. It says ‘walk through the valley of the shadow of death,’ not ‘stop in the valley of the shadow of death.’”


After multiple surgeries, Michelle was doing better. Michelle’s breathing tube was removed after three days. Though she couldn’t speak, she was able to sign with her arms that she was doing okay.

“As she begins the long road of recovery,” Grady said, “We will be here to try and dry the tears and let her know it will all be okay.”